Traveling with Cats

Happy National Cat Day! One of the many benefits of traveling in your own home (RV) is having the freedom to bring your pets along. While most vacations with our furry pals are enjoyable, pets can bring challenges. Check out these tips on how to properly travel with cats to ensure everyone is “feline” good before, during, and after the trip.  

  • Practice: Make sure your cat is comfortable in your RV before you actually go on your trip. It may take some time for them to acclimate to the new surroundings. Once you think they are comfortable hanging out, try to take them for ride. It’s essential to get them accustomed to the bumps, jerks and turns of the road. We suggest starting with slow and short trips, then increasing the travel distance from there.
  • Litter Box: Find a good place for the litter box. Some recommendations include: under beds, empty cargo compartments, cabinets, and showers.
  • Medical Emergency: Be prepared for a medical emergency by having a pet medical kit handy. Be sure to travel with your pet’s vaccination records and always have a tag on their collar. This will help avoid a cat-astrophe.
  • Make them Comfortable: When cats are stressed, they typically find somewhere to hide. Consider creating some hiding spaces for them. Examples would be in cabinets or under furniture or beds. Packing their toys, bedding, and scratching post will also help them adjust to their new surroundings.

Have you ever traveled with your cat? We would love to hear how your adventure went and if you have any recommendations.

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