RV Dog Safety Tips

Happy National Dog Day!

Whether you are headed on a long road trip or traveling up the road for a weekend stay, your four-legged friend can be a great companion! While it might sound like a good idea to bring them along, there are many things you need to consider before and during your trip.

  • Pet-friendly Traveling: Yes, your RV is your second home (or maybe even your real home), but that doesn’t mean your pets can roam freely while riding down the road. It is extremely dangerous to let them wander in the RV. If you were involved in an accident, they could get extremely hurt. One way to keep your dogs safe while riding is to use an adjustable seat belt harness.  
  • Packing List: Obviously, your dogs need food and water, but here are some other essentials you might not think about packing: brush, leash, toys, waste pick-up bags, crate, bed, first aid kit, etc. Make a list to ensure you don’t forget anything!
  •  I.D. Your Dog: Many RVers have lost their dogs while at the campground or while hiking and exploring. Make sure your dog has been chipped or has a proper I.D. tag so that people can help get them back to you!
  • Pet Information: Keeping records and pet ownership information is important in case your dog does run away. Believe it or not, some people claim a dog that they found belongs to them. Having proof of ownership will help you avoid this awful situation!
  • Comfort: Throwing your dog in new surroundings and situations can cause a lot of stress to him/her. You can make sure your dog is comfortable by providing things they normally have at home (bed, toys, etc.). We also suggest incorporating exercise into their daily activity to keep them from being cooped up in the RV for long periods of time.

For more tips and safety information on how to travel with your dog, check out AKC at https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/home-living/how-to-travel-safely-in-an-rv-with-a-dog/

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