RV Reno on a Dime – Part 2

NOTE: Peggy and Jeff Miller, while not new to the RV lifestyle, are rookies when it comes to RV renovation. But the couple has used their smarts and made little and big changes that have made their 2015 Class A Jayco Precept a much more inviting place to hang out.

As Peggy and Jeff Miller continued their DIY redecorating project, they found a few snags related to Covid, mainly concerning shipments and availability, but they have managed to continue to renovate the interior of their vehicle in anticipation of an upcoming trip to Folly Beach.

“We recovered the headboard in the bedroom with gray vinyl and raised it to a more prominent position,” Peggy said. “I got the vinyl on a 40% off sale at Joanne’s. I ordered room-darkening cellular shades from Blindster.com, but haven’t yet received them.”

The Miller’s recent trip to IKEA gave them ideas for things to order, but they then had to go home do some measuring before pulling the trigger. Peggy ordered a pegboard system for the bathroom wall that comes with hooks for towels and a set of containers with lids that can hold small things such as Q-tips and other toiletries. She also ordered a spice rack that, when turned upside down, can function as a towel rack. Unfortunately, IKEA can’t promise these things until the end of August! She even called IKEA and tried to arrange pickup, but to no avail.

The old headboard was lower and darkened the room.

The new headboard offers a higher profile than than the original.

Meanwhile, Jeff wallpapered the bathroom and dyed the captain’s chairs a taupe-beige. They were originally gold with brown piping.  He also ripped out the shag carpet in the cab area and installed a Dynamat (pictured above), a noise-reduction product, to make the area quieter while driving.

The old bathroom wallpaper was monochromatic, like much of the interior, and darkened the small area.

The new wall paper adds some interest and coordinates nicely with the color blocks the Millers have incorporated.

Stay tuned for more updates as the Millers continue their renovation project.

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