RV Safety Tips

Staying RV safe. It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Learn the essentials of driving your RV before you hit the road.
    1. Practice turns, and backing and maneuvering in tight places. (back into tight spaces, pull out facing forward),
    2. Make sure mirrors are correctly aligned.
    3. S.A.F.E. Cornering.
  1. Make sure you are road ready.
    1. Check tire pressure, condition of tread.
    2. Keep the RV level and reinforced with a block when parked.
    3. Do routine maintenance (this could be a checklist that says fluids topped off,  schedule engine maintenance, make sure that the vehicle’s exterior lights are functional).
    4. Check the weather before you leave.
  1. Drive safely.
    1. Know height and width of RV with bridges and tunnels in mind
    2. Use turn signals at all times – be predictable in your movements
    3. Respect speed limits.
    4. Keep far right to give yourself best visual access.
    5. Know your braking parameters.
    6. Keep your distance – 400 feet from drivers in front of you.
    7. Understand your tail swing (between 18 and 30 inches).
    8. Stay Alert…. Don’t drive when tired.

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