RV Reno on a Dime

Peggy and Jeff Miller, while not new to the RV lifestyle, are rookies when it comes to RV renovation. But the couple has used their smarts and made little and big changes that have made their 2015 Class A Jayco Precept (pictured above) a much more inviting place to hang out.
They purchased their current RV in 2018, trading up from a 2006 Class C Ford Itasca, because of several features, including a larger kitchen with full-size refrigerator, a more functional bathroom and the fact that the living space was all on one level, meaning the driver’s and passenger’s captains chairs could be used for additional living room seating.
For two years, the Millers used the vehicle for short and long trips and were pretty satisfied with the functionality overall. But the onset of Covid-19, and the fact that Peggy had recently retired, gave them the opportunity to think about several improvements that would make the RV more functional, lighter and brighter.

The seating area in the Miller’s van was unwieldy.

The table, purchased from Ace Hardware, and the chairs, from HomeGoods, are easy to stack and move outside.

After doing some research on seating and lighting, the two tackled a variety of projects, including trading out an uncomfortable couch with two recliners, changing out the kitchen’s back splash, and removing the banquette dining space and replacing it with stackable chairs and a removable folding table.

The old backsplash was outdated and ill-fitting.

The new backsplash does the job and is lighter and more modern.

To cut costs, Peggy and Jeff have been purchasing items online in order to get the best prices, reusing materials from a previous renovation and doing all the demo and installation work themselves.

Next on the agenda: a trip to IKEA in Charlotte to find shelving, towel racks, and possibly a cheerful wall covering for the kitchen. Peggy found a helpful Instagram account, called rvfixerupper https://www.instagram.com/rvfixerupper/?hl=en, that features a video of a trip to IKEA and pointed out low-cost items that could be adapted to RV use.

They hope to be done with Phase 1 of the renovation by July 30 when they take a short trip to Folly Beach (notwithstanding Covid-19 restrictions).

Stay tuned for more updates as the Millers continue their renovation project.

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  1. How cool is THAT! I love the table and chairs. Can’t wait to see the rest of the “new” spaces.


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