Make Summer Travel a Cool Experience!

Summer is a great time to travel, but one of the side effects of enjoying the warm temperatures is exactly that – warm summer temperatures.

While everyone enjoys a hot day at the beach or outside hiking, being able to cool down is just as enjoyable. Employing just a few of these practical tips will allow you to save energy while keeping indoor temperatures to a comfortable level.

  • Know how and where to park: Obviously a shady campsite is preferable, but when that’s not available, park so that the side of your RV with the most windows is facing in an easterly direction. That way, the morning sun, which is less intense will be coming into those windows. If either of those options are not available, look to see if there is a wind patter for which you can take advantage so that the breeze can blow through the vehicle and give you more circulation
  • Install and use your awnings. This gives you the ability to extend your living area – it might not be as cool as your interior, but it beats baking in the heat!
  • Take cooking outside. If possible, use a butane stove, campfire or other source of heat outside the camper. Nothing heats up an enclosed area like your stove can. Be creative with your recipes and modify them accordingly so that you don’t have to cook indoors.
  • Prepare before you travel. Make sure that you have something in place so that you can cover your skylights when you park. Also, ensure that all of your filters are clean so when you do have to turn on your AC, it’s running efficiently.
  • Consider making your own “swamp cooler.” With a five-gallon bucket, some plastic hosing, a drill, a fan, and a fish tank generator, you too can beat the heat for pennies on the dollar. Just ask Dr. Google for the prescription. There’s plenty of information online that offer step-by-step instructions and videos.
  • While you are traveling to your final destination, start cooling about an hour before you get there to get a jump on beating the heat.
  • When all else fails, head to cooler environs. Remember, you are built to be mobile. Consider taking a detour to higher ground (the mountains, perhaps) or further north to give yourself a break.

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